Letter: Name and address supplied March 30, 2018

Mintlyn Crematorium open day
Mintlyn Crematorium open day
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Please can someone in authority explain to me why the crematorium is not in use on a Saturday or a Sunday, especially during the winter months, or evenings?

Why do families have to wait almost four weeks to put their loved ones to rest in peace? I believe there is no reason for it not to be open on weekends. Isn’t it a public service that should be offered to families? As Sunday is the new Monday allowed by the government in other services, the cost factor should not differ greatly, if offered. The stress it causes to families should outweigh anything else at this sad time. Surely the last thing caring professionals such as funeral directors, representatives of the crematorium and church officials, would want to do is prolong the grief of remaining family members? Until you, as a family member, are in this position, you don’t realise how it feels. I certainly didn’t previously. I do know Lynn has a 30-mile radius and the population has grown. I believe another crematorium is due to be built towards Norwich, however some consideration should and must be given to families now and reviewed before next winter.