Letter: Name supplied, October 17, 2014

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It would appear that the skyline of King’s Lynn town is to be further blighted by the addition of another wind turbine if the recent planning application is granted.

I am not sure that the people of Lynn and planners were really aware of the visual impact the erection of the first turbine would have on the town.

The turbine appears to sit in the middle of the town and now another one is to sit beside it.

I am not sure why another turbine is required as the existing one only runs for 30 percent of the time it could and does not operate at all in conditions you would expect it to.

The existing turbine was to be the answer for the business needs it supplies; why so soon is there a need for another?

There is no economic benefit for the people of Lynn in these wind turbines.

Profit goes to the owners along with huge subsidies from the taxpayers.

The people of King’s Lynn should awaken to the vandalism that these turbines have and will cause to the visual impact on our historic town and if in agreement voice their objections.

The people of West Norfolk successfully blocked the threat to our environment of the incinerator and should not be complacent when it comes to the threat of further erosion by stealth of the invasion of the turbines. Visit the planning section of the West Norfolk council website and object!

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King’s Lynn