Letter: Nick Downey February 6, 2018

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So, Amelia Sharp, I expect you are the sort of precious person who reads right wing rags and think you know all about the life of the homeless on our streets from your comfortable existence well away from the cold and the wet, you eat well, have a car and can only imagine that beggars are there because they are really criminals.

Now I have made a lot of assumptions in the previous paragraph, I don’t know you and have no way of knowing what your life is like and for making those assumptions I apologise.

But that is exactly what you have done, you assume without real knowledge that a beggar must only be asking for money to feed a drink or drugs habit and the proof of this is that they have a tablet. You have no way of knowing how or why they’ve got the tablet yet you decide that this is a badge of wealth therefore they must be criminal.

I think that the real reason you state this is to excuse yourself from any sympathy for the homeless, you justify your lack of kindness and humanity with imagined criminality.

The reason that the homeless are there is a reflection on our unequal society, more homeless people shows that we all have very unequal lives and aspirations.

If you want to do something about it then do something more constructive about reducing inequality than attempting to condemn the beggars to an even worse life than they already have