Letter: Nick Vinehill January 23, 2018

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Nobody should be misled by former UKIP leader now Radio Presenter Nigel Farage’s recent seeming desire to entertain a second referendum because he believes the leave vote would be more emphatic and it would finally settle the issue.

Mr Farage is just reaping attention from his typical gung ho “Brexit at any cost” category of supporters because he knows PM May, Corbyn and many of the political career MPs who voted to trigger Article 50, albeit totally opposed to leaving, are too scared to reject the so-called ‘will of the people’ vote in a referendum where there was no proper leave manifesto or strategy on the table.

There shouldn’t necessarily be a second referendum. However if this whole madness doesn’t fall flat on its face naturally throughout the negotiation phase there should at least be a proper vote in the Commons if and when a final deal is cobbled together on the terms of that deal.

Surely the Brexiteers cannot oppose that because after all, it was “the retention our parliament’s sovereignty” that was a key soundbite and plank in their vacuous Leave agenda. Howsoever if they do oppose it, it will immediately highlight their desire to leave the EU had nothing to do with democracy and the economic wellbeing of the UK. It was obviously for them a mass psychiatric exercise in national chauvinism where leaving the UK is done just for the sake of it.

Hopefully by then, once all the terms of the deal are on the table and left to the democratic scrutiny of their sovereign parliament, the more rabid elements of Brexit will all be bored out of their brains on the issue anyway!