Letter: Nigel and Jackie Sisson, November 7, 2014

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Like your correspondent Ion Trewin (Lynn News letters 31 October) we were dismayed to hear that there is apparently no reference or memorial to Dr Hugh Ford at the newly built Norfolk Hospice at Hillington.

You don’t have to have long memories to remember that Dr Ford was as much as anyone the ‘Founding Father’ of what became Tapping House Hospice in Snettisham.

The Hugh Ford Pavilion there provided subsequent generations of staff, patients and volunteers with a reminder of what he contributed in those early days.

It is a disgrace if there is no reference to him on the new site. It is surely not enough that he is fully covered in the website.

Residents in Dersingham are rightly reminded of our much-respected doctor Carole Brown who kept our local surgery alive and effective through many difficult years, at the cost of her own health. The excellent replacement surgery which her and others’ efforts led to is of course now known as the Carole Brown Health Centre.

There must be some sort of lesson here to the new management of the Hospice?

Nigel and Jackie Sisson,