Letter on Jobcentre, January 16, 2015

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This picture, right, shows a job point at Hunstanton Jobcentre. It has been out of order since at least June 2014. This is at a Jobcentre, the nearest one for 15 miles. Perhaps someone would like to explain why you cannot look for work at your local Jobcentre.

My son has had to sign on and it seems all the staff want to do is get people sanctioned, giving them appointments to attend in Lynn two or three times a week to teach them how to make a CV or how to use a computer to look for work. He has been on these pointless appointments again and again and again. When I left school the staff would phone companies and arrange interviews, for a school leaver with not a lot of confidence this was a real help, not any more. Even if a person goes in there with very poor communication skills they will not offer practical help. In fact worse than that, they talk down to people and make them feel inadequate.

This is a real problem, especially for the younger generation, there are so many issues that stop them being able to communicate effectively, from autism to lack of human interaction from over use of social networking. Now more than ever they need staff to be understanding and helpful. I was informed by one member of staff at Lynn Jobcentre that youngsters have never had it so good. With traineeships and apprenticeships, all she could quote me were the opportunities in leisure and a local bar. Pulling pints is not an apprenticeship, it is cheap labour. Perhaps our local MP could let us know why you cannot look for a job at our local Jobcentre.

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