Letter: Paul Smith February 27, 2018

Updated GV of Morley House Goodwins Road King's Lynn
Updated GV of Morley House Goodwins Road King's Lynn
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As a father of a special child whose needs were complex, I know there is a very genuine need for Morley House in Lynn.

The respite care it provides gave my wife and I enough energy to care for our daughter. I know first-hand why it is so important to keep it open. I’m sure my wife and I were not the only parents who looked into the abyss and without the invaluable respite care, I’m far from certain we would not have fallen. Cynical county bosses know parents will go far beyond what is expected of them. Without the occasional break from the 24/7 commitment, I worry for present day parents of special children. The county council is penny wise and pound foolish. If any parent falls, the county council will have to pick up the real bill for caring for their special child. The county council always seems to shake the money tree and find millions of pounds for projects such as the Road to Nowhere in Norwich. But when it comes to Lynn, there’s no money in the coffers. The former Ethel Tipple School had mobile classrooms held together by four-inch steel bands which were twice condemned by Ofsted. The school was told there were 50 schools in Norwich and Yarmouth in front of it for improvements. The then Labour county councillor and Conservative Rosalie Monbiot took on the establishment and fought for special children. Without them there would be no Churchill Park School.