Letter: Peter Widdows, December 19, 2014

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First of all, we have the revamped Tuesday Market Place – looks very nice, but has lost several parking slots.

We went down there yesterday for Christmas shopping to find half the square taken up with coaches. Result? A half- hour slot in King Street and far less shopping than planned. Consequence? Less trade for town shops and less revenue for the council.

Today, I went up to Heacham recycling centre to learn that as of April, it will be on a four- day week instead of the present seven, and we will be charged £2 per visit for the privilege.

Result? I, and I suspect many others, will no longer use the facility.

Consequence? I doubt whether the cash generated will compensate for lack of parking revenue, let alone penalty payments for the incinerator (another bright idea!) and I very much doubt whether the recycling figure will be anywhere near the 83% they were publishing up there today.

Pete Widdows

Sandringham Drive,Heacham