Letter: R Colwell December 12, 2017

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I am surprised that Mr Hannay was baffled in his letter of December 5 that the EU are about to be offered a lump sum (probably £44bn) for us to leave the EU.

I made it very clear to him and his motley crew, in my capacity as leader of the West Norfolk Remain campaign before the referendum, that we had obligations and we would be in no position to dictate the terms of our leaving.

I am becoming more and more fearful for our economy and our future with all of these farcical Conservative negotiations.

I spoke passionately at hustings events and on the streets of West Norfolk.

Now it appears that voters who chose to leave the EU last year are now regretting their decision in ever growing numbers.

I’m glad that in the weeks after the vote I joined the Liberal Democrats.

I would encourage others to do so as we need an “exit from Brexit”.