Letter: R Gardner December 8,2017

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I recently got sent an invitation to an annual event that is normally held at the PDC in Kilhams Way, Lynn.

Next year it is being moved to Swaffham because, I was told, the PDC is not going to be available.

I searched the website for any news. The PDC Lynn website was unavailable and a search of the Norfolk County Council website for articles about the PDC Lynn threw up no references. I have asked NCC for information, but meanwhile it appears that a valuable facility is being lost, presumably under the banner of Children’s Services cuts. Such cuts represent another withdrawal of services that will further damage and erode the quality of life. It wouldn’t be so bad if the money we pay was being given back so we can pay for the services no longer being provided. No – the Government continues to use every opportunity to keep our money and opt out of the responsibilities previously assumed without ensuring a viable alternative. Meanwhile the Government uses this money to pay for DUP, EU and our own over privileged, expensive Houses in Parliament.

I await a response from NCC, meanwhile 80 Lynn residents will travel to Swaffham.