Letter: Richard Coke, January 6, 2015

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Alistair Beales, like so many of his colleagues, seems to have his head buried in the sand when it comes to analysis of why five borough councillors, of whom four were former Conservatives, came over to UKIP.

At least he has done it with rather better grace than the leader of the council, Nick Daubney, whose performance on Look East when interviewed by Andrew Sinclair, could only be described as a car crash and well illustrates why there is such unrest in the ruling Conservative Group.

He appears taken aback that no by-elections have been called.

Aside from the fact that the earliest they could be held is February, some three months before the elections in May, it is nothing short of total hypocrisy as when Martin Hopkins left an Independent group to join the Conservatives there was no call for a by–election and Zipha Christopher has, since the summer, represented her constituents in Snettisham from her home 200 miles away in Cumbria!

What Mr Beales, his colleagues and MPs choose to ignore is that there is great disillusionment among the electorate with the wider Conservative Party and its policies.

They are all part of the problem.

None will speak out for fear of endangering their careers. The only aim is to maintain the status quo and their arrogant belief that only they should determine the future. The few sensible moves they have made have come about as a result of pressure from and fear of UKIP.

Richard ‘Toby’ Coke,

Prospective parliamentary candidate, UKIP, NW Norfolk