Letter: Richard Coward March 2, 2018

Sir Henry Bellingham
Sir Henry Bellingham
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Some of your more vigilant readers might already have noticed the surprise presence of Sir Henry Bellingham, our very own MP for North West Norfolk, on the list of sixty-two ultra hard-line Brexiteers led by Jacob Rees-Mogg who have written to the Prime Minister to give her the benefit of their “advice” on Brexit.

If taken, this “advice” and the red lines it emphasises would effectively prevent us from agreeing the transition agreement with the EU which businesses so desperately need. Moreover, by insisting on future “full regulatory autonomy” for the UK outside the customs union and the single market the group’s advice would preclude anything but the most limited of trade deals with the EU being negotiated as well as jeopardising the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland.

Even those of us in other political parties who have campaigned against Sir Henry at general elections thought of him as a middle-of-the-road Conservative politician. It seems we were wrong. He has now revealed his true colours as a dangerously extremist politician on the hard right of British politics.