Letter: Richard English April 10 2018

GV of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital , King's Lynn.
GV of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital , King's Lynn.
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QEH end of year deficit to be £20 million! Now there is a shocker but is this partly due to the way the NHS has to jiggle finances I wonder.

I think that at one time the hospital had to pay business rates.

I also wonder just how much money is spent on senior executives, at the last count it had: chief executive officer; chief operating officer; strategy and IT director; finance director; HR director, four non-executive directors . And all these people are no doubt supported by admin staff.

I’m pleased to say that I have read the five hospitals are combining their purchasing power to reduce the costs of obtaining basic items e.g. rubber gloves, plasters. You have to wonder why there isn’t a central NHS purchasing agency that would really drive down costs. But don’t hold your breath – some time ago I had the idea of introducing a standard uniform throughout the NHS because every NHS hospital has a different set of uniforms, so when people move to another hospital, you’ve guessed it, another uniform.

I sent my idea to Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, after a few weeks I was asked to try NHS England, after a few weeks it wasn’t them either and “why not try your local CCG?” which of course brings the whole topic back down to the local hospital! In desperation I asked Sir Henry Bellingham MP for assistance, he tried to no avail. You just can’t win with the NHS monolith.

Congratulations to the QEH Stroke Unit for achieving an “A” rating, the highest obtainable.

And my heartfelt thanks to all the clinical staff at the QEH for being the best of the best in these trying times, you are all wonderful.