Letter: Richard JC English, December 2, 2014

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I read the letter from Helen Grant thanking the excellent staff at the recycling centre, Saddlebow. My wife and I echo her thank you; the staff there really are brilliant.

There is a major problem at the centre in that it is now becoming far too crowded, especially at the one and only garden waste bin. This, presumably, is due the ever increasing amount of house building being foisted on us in the area.

Even if two bins were provided, and this would be most welcome, there is a problem for us elderly folk, especially those short in stature because one has to heave heavy loads up to a considerable height just to get the waste into the bin.

Surely it is time that our council provided easier access for the elderly to help them in the great recycling project that we have here at Saddlebow.

Richard JC English,

Gaywood Road, King’s Lynn