Letter: Richard Parr February 27, 2018

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The rustling of leaves in the breeze, the dappled shade and movement in the sun and wind, the chirping of birds as they perch and nest – most of us love trees so a new joint-agency initiative to plant more trees in the Lynn urban landscape is to be welcomed.

West Norfolk Council, Lynn Civic Society and the Groundwork Gallery in Lynn’s Purfleet Street have joined forces to launch a new planned and integrated tree-planting scheme which, when fully developed, will enhance the existing beauty of our historic town. The scheme was officially launched at a recent Tea for Trees event hosted by the Groundwork Gallery.

It is known that Lynn is a town short of trees and they are necessary for a variety of reasons, offering benefits of shade, drainage, health and beauty.

It is also known that trees become an increasingly essential aspect of urban design as hotter, drier summers and warmer, wetter winters are predicted to become the norm.

The proposal is for ten new trees to be planted by the council in the town centre in the autumn. It is hoped that this will be only the beginning of a fruitful new relationship between local public and private bodies with a mutual interest in improving the environment of the town for the benefit of all its residents and visitors.

A number of local firms and private individuals have already shown interest in this enterprising scheme and made personal financial pledges. People are invited to call into the Groundwork Gallery to find out more details. Donations are being invited to support this on-going work and more details can be obtained through Twitter: groundwork/treesforthetown or email at mail@groundworkgallery.com