Letter: Richard Parr October 10, 2017

King's Lynn Bus Station .
King's Lynn Bus Station .
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The colourful assortment of leaflets, telling us all the about the wonderful attractions on offer for visitors to West Norfolk and the bus timetables, sit snugly in display stands all cosy and dry, while outside in the night-time hours, people brave the elements as the rain lashes down and the cold wind blows, while they wait for their buses to arrive.

Surely leaflets do not need their own room at Lynn Bus Station (there is nothing else in this room)? It could also be used as a waiting room for fare-paying passengers.

The bus station management can’t say that the room would be the target of vandalism because it is basically an empty room.

As the current situation stands, during daytime opening hours, there is often a man, wearing a hi-vis jacket, who seems to be some sort of leaflet “bodyguard” as he sits on the counter watching people take their pick of the leaflets and timetables.

The redeveloped new look bus station, in my personal opinion, is a big improvement on how it was previously. I feel there are there are one or two design faults, but overall, it is much better.

My main issue is the room for leaflets. Surely it would make sense to allow, in the evening hours, the waiting passengers access to this room so they could, be kept as comfortable and dry as the leaflets?