Letter: Rob Archer, December 30, 2014

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West Norfolk Green Party supporters note with interest the defection of five West Norfolk borough councillors to the UK Independence Party.

We sympathise with peoples’ disenchantment with mainstream politics.

The three ‘old’ parties are offering nothing to tackle the challenges faced by the people of this country and we fully understand why people feel that an alternative approach is needed. The Greens offer that alternative. Rather than just blame others for our problems we offer policies that tackle the root causes of those problems – inequality and the excessive power of the corporate giants.

We want to empower and unite communities to work together for the common good.

The Green Party also knows that it is vital to recognise the threat of Climate Change, plan for it and reduce our contribution towards it through positive change. West Norfolk is particularly vulnerable being a coastal constituency with much of its population at risk of flooding as well as our farms becoming more exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Greens were at the forefront of the successful anti-incinerator campaign and continue to work to ensure a safe, sustainable waste management system for West Norfolk.

Greens also actively defended the referendum, where over 65,000 voters were ignored not only here in West Norfolk but also at County Hall.

Whilst we do feel for those disappointed that the councillors they voted for have ‘jumped ship’ we don’t support Henry Bellingham MP’s call for a series of by-elections this close to the election, which would be expensive and time-consuming and the new councillors would only be in post for a few weeks before May’s council elections.

We’re sure that voters will make their feelings known then!

Rob Archer,

West Norfolk Green Party