Letter: Robert Bucke, july 31, 2015

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On Sunday morning (19 July) after dropping my daughter and her friend at the railway station I was returning down the A1078 Edward Benefer Way at 10.15.

On approaching the traffic lights at the junction with Estuary Road the traffic was very heavy and a long queue into the distance, just past The Fire Station I could see that that queue of traffic moving at 10/15 mph was caused by a large number of cyclists which because of oncoming traffic and the fact that the cyclist were occupying more than 50% of their side of the road no vehicles could overtake them safely. When I did manage to get past the cyclists the leading group and the tailing group were all riding single file but the main body was riding 2, 3 and in one case 4 abreast which is in contravention of the Highway Code which states in Rules for cyclist 59 to 82, at 66 “ never ride more than two abreast, and ride in single file on narrow or busy roads and when riding round bends”. Plus to make matters worse when I managed to overtake there is a wide cycle path which they did not use but continued on the highway.

I consider the cyclists were very lucky not to have come across impatient motorists because their attitude to other road users was to ignore the Highway Code , the group looked as though they were an organised group and if they adopt this kind of irresponsible attitude when cycling on some of the narrower roads in the county they can contribute to bringing about a serious accident.

Robert Bucke

Lynn Road, Dersingham