Letter: Robert Gardner, Aug 22, 2017

Village sign
Village sign

Your article of July 18, (Monstrous housing proposals slammed) was interesting, but will it change anything? I fear not.

We are in austere times, but in the same way the incinerator was not a good idea, nor is putting up more houses where they are not suited or where they are not wanted.

In my view we are witnessing legalised vandalism. The planning laws are antiquated and processes, like many aspects of government, not transparent,consistent or strategic. The South Wootton developments are a case in point. The Neighbourhood Development Plan prepared by the parish council has been compromised by Government. One example is the replacement of the words ‘not more than’ by ‘at least’ when it comes to numbers of houses. Many residents are against any expansion for many of the reasons set out in the article. The lack of effective consultation early in the planning process meant that the principle of development was established in 2009. All the parish council could do, once these proposals emerged, was to arrange the deck chairs in damage limitation.

I note Mr Larcey’s latest letter on young immigrants, but many people in Norfolk are here for a quality of life in their later years. I can understand the sentiments having friends of many different nationalities, but there is a time and place. If I could perceive anything strategic in the development plans, I might understand why we are swapping green space for concrete. Lack of a government strategy has been the cause of too much pressure on our land, roads, essential services (police, hospitals, ambulances etc.) and airspace.

We now also have legalised robbery. A billion pounds for for Northern Ireland apparently isn’t a problem, nor is finding the money for HS2. The Government has now said it will not be publishing the timetable nor revised budget for HS2.

Unless we get an effort of ‘incinerator’ proportions, I fear many will lose the quality of life they have worked for and are trying to cling onto. The bulldozers are here.