Letter: Robert Raab, December 9, 2014

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It seems like the County Council still wants the Incinerator for Norfolk. Is there a way to get rid of the county councillors when they lie about not building it? And they lied that the council was going to sell the land in the borough, so the incinerator company couldn’t get their hands on the land.

These councillors have cost the people of Norfolk over £33 million. How much more money of ours will they waste? There will be more costly meetings, a costly new contract and more pollution.

Where is the county council going to get this money when the budgets are already cut to the bone. Will the councillors themselves pay back the £33 Million-plus we are now paying?

If our county does get the incinerator it will cost us even more by the time it is built as the recycling rate of our household waste will be over 50 per cent. Which means that amount the waste the incinerator needs to stay in profit will not be there and we will have to paid the extra amount or the incinerator will be out of pocket.

No, the Incinerator can’t get more waste from the other UK areas or overseas when all the incinerators will be competing for it when recycling will be Increased. You can see this now that our council is sending some of our waste to a Suffolk burner, when the incinerator there can’t get the waste it needs. So, the only other way to Keep the old technology polluting burning incinerators going is to burn toxic, polluting industrial waste. And the by-product is toxic ash.

Robert Raab,

Fairstead, King’s Lynn