Letter: Robert Raab January 5, 2018

A food bank collection point.
A food bank collection point.
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Why every year does the television, the churches and the Government only worry about people at Christmas time and not through the whole year?

You talk about giving Christmas dinners to the poor, but what about food for the rest of the year?

No, food banks are not the answer. They are just a short-term solution. We have to get rid of food banks and work on why we need them in the first place. Why are the rich getting richer and poor is getting poorer?

And if you talk about God, why don’t you say anything about his planet Earth that us humans are killing off and the increasing climate change? Why does the Government keep passing planning permission before considering increasing the infrastructure that would be needed? Why is the Government giving themselves big pay raises year after year and at the same time cutting our needed services and their pay? President Kennedy, said “Ask not what your country and world can do for you, but what you can do for your country and the world.”

President Kennedy made a programme that would help people around the world giving the poorer countries tools and train these people how to use them and to get themselves out of poverty.