Letter: Robert Raab October 13, 2017

Lynn town centre busy with shoppers - in the High Street.
Lynn town centre busy with shoppers - in the High Street.
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I’m writing this letter about the article in Lynn News about buskers and charity chuggers (September 29).

The problem isn’t the buskers, but the cold callers who jump out at you in your private space when you go about your shopping in town, harassing you to sell you something or to get you to change your telephone, gas or electric suppliers.

The problem of these cold callers isn’t them, but the council.

When I asked these people why they are harassing us shoppers in our private space, they said they had got permission to do this by the council.

You see these people pay the council for permission.

When the council creates a council lottery, it won’t care if residents get addicted, as long as they get their money.

When the council keeps increasing the parking charge, less and less people will come to our town to shop and more stores will close.

They need to get more money in to support the big pay rises the council awards themselves like they did last year of 8.5 per cent when the nurses only got one per cent.

So, when the council needs more money to run the borough, when are they going to raise the money in the right way and for the right reasons?