Letter: Robert Raab, October 17, 2014

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We are now hearing that we have too much waste for landfill and are running out of sites in which to dump!

What of the 600 houses that will be built in North Lynn? Has the council planning department looked into the material these houses will be made from?

Did our council check how these materials were made? Did the companies use unpolluted and safe ways to produce them and not like when they produce PVC material, which give off dangerous toxic pollution?

Did the council also check if the material that will be used in these houses is recyclable and won’t wind up in landfill or burnt, contributing more dangerous toxic pollutants to the air?

In 2005 Germany banned PVC material from their landfill sites (PVC Windows, PVC Wall Cladding, etc.) ... So, has the council checked how the building materials were made?

Robert Raab,

Fairstead Estate, Lynn