Letter: Robert Raab September 29, 2017

GV of  St James Medical Practice, County Court Road, King's Lynn
GV of St James Medical Practice, County Court Road, King's Lynn
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Our borough council leader Brian Long is now boasting about house building in Lynn and mentions initiatives in South Lynn and Marsh Lane, Gaywood.

But he never mentioned the infrastructure that will be needed for the increase of people in these areas.

What about, for example, the infrastructure for the town area when Harding’s Way is turned from a bus and bicycle road only to a road for all traffic, including trucks and other vehicles, so they can build 460 flats at Boal Quay?

So, when these 460 flats are built at Boal Quay, which NHS surgery will these residents go to? It wouldn’t be St James Surgery on Extons Road in our town, when it is already at maximum capacity for patients.

The council is even thinking about moving the St James Surgery to North Lynn. Will these people from these new flats also be travelling to North Lynn for their surgery?

I put this question to the NHS West Norfolk Clinical Commission Group on September 21 at their meeting .

The answer I was given was “should houses come first or the NHS infrastructure come first? “

It not rocket science, that when we are thinking about building more houses or anything else the infrastructure must come first.

Then the CCG said: “It is now in discussion.” Why don’t the CCG already know which surgery the new residents will use before the planning department passes any more plans for more new houses in Lynn?

There is a big shortage of doctors and nurses and there isn’t a magic money tree for NHS staff and new surgeries.

How long will it now take to get an appointment at these surgeries when there are too many patients on the books?

So, when will the West Norfolk planning department come together with the West Norfolk CCG and work out what increases will be needed?