Letter: Roger Swinburn, December 5, 2014

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Does the Lynn News really have to persist with its love-in with Mrs Rust?

This week we have a lengthy family diatribe embracing some elementary sarcasm and her support for the tiny proportion of health workers who voted for strike action. Is she sure that she was not in the photo? We know her political position, her role in Unison and do not need to be constantly reminded.

Recently we have seen her try to make political capital from war commemorations. And a few weeks ago trying to jump on to the Bellingham bandwagon to save the tax office. Where was she a year ago when the closure announcement was made?

More dignified politicians from both sides do things and if they are deemed of interest they are reported as news.

Mrs Rust feels the need to blow her own trumpet at least once a week, and the editors oblige her. Many readers are fed up with it.

Please stop this excellent paper looking any more like a 1970s Fiat.

Roger Swinburn,

Goodwins Road, Lynn