Letter: Roland Fox November 14, 2017

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The junction on the A17 at Station Road, Terrington St Clement, has seen many road traffic accidents over the years, sadly many have been fatal.

Norfolk Highways have now installed 60mph mandatory speed signs at the junctions on this road. The reason being is that these junctions are classed as dual carriageways and carry a limit of 70mph. Reclassifying as 60mph effectively enforces a lower speed limit at these junctions. There has been much controversy about the junction and, in an effort to get motorists to lower their speed when approaching it, Norfolk Highways installed “Slow Down” warning signs which illuminate whenever traffic is at the junction and the approaching speed of the oncoming vehicles exceeds a threshold. The aim is to get the oncoming vehicles to slow down.

But the new 60mph sign has been placed immediately in front of the “Slow Down” sign warning oncoming traffic to reduce their speed! It is now difficult to see the warning sign behind the mandatory 60mph speed sign.

What message is Norfolk Highways trying to convey here? The flashing warning sign may have the effect of slowing traffic at the junction, but any effect, is now lost since traffic will see that they are permitted to travel at 60mph. Could someone please kindly explain what purpose the original Slow Down signs are now serving when it has just been very clearly stated that it’s OK to travel at 60mph? Do we really need more people to lose their lives before someone is capable of using their common sense?

I have raised this with Norfolk Highways and am told that it will be looked at and may be fixed, possibly in a few weeks.