Letter: Roland Worth, November 7, 2014

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How revealing is the press report about where the effects of the austerity measures do not fall. Pay restraints for many public service workers and reduced benefits for others yet a large increase in pay for MPs. We are asked to believe we are all in it together!

The contrast really couldn’t be any clearer. Conservative MP Henry Bellingham seeks to justify the massive, part-time earnings from his directorships by saying it helps him understand business and has taught him to read a balance sheet, while Labour wannabe Jo Rust does unpaid work for Brain Tumour Charity Red Wellies and sleeps rough to raise awareness of the plight of the homeless. He freely admits he receives £66,000 a year for four hours work a week. Some job, some pay! On top of his salary as an MP. So does he really appreciate the hardships endured by his constituents? I know who deserves my voting preference.

Roland Worth,

Manorfields, Hunstanton