Letter; Roland Worth, October 17, 2014

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Reference was made at the public meeting to discuss the planning application by Hopkins Homes as well as in letters to the press, concerning the views expressed by the MP, Henry Bellingham on the topic. In particular, whether these would carry any weight.

I reproduce extracts from the letter for that judgement to be made.

He said: “I would not support a development of more than between 40 to 50 houses and certainly not one that was accessed through Harrys Way or anywhere else on the Manorfields Estate. This would mean a more modest development with different access.”

He goes on to say: “At a meeting with the Searles family he had made it clear to them that neither he, nor Richard Bird, were at all happy about them pursuing the application in advance of the Local Plan process. But to do this during the consultation on the Local Development Framework.... this will mean that everyone could consider all of the potential Hunstanton sites. However, Searles and Hopkins have jumped the gun. Which he believed to be short sighted and unfair on other landowners.”

Nothing could be clearer, to state “not support” means to oppose, and we all know Henry keeps to his word.

Roland Worth,

Harrys Way, Hunstanton