Letter: S Kenny Sept 12, 2017

the town sign on the green, Hunstanton.
the town sign on the green, Hunstanton.
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I feel I must write again about my road, Seagate Road, Hunstanton. After 49 years and now a pensioner, I think I have seen everything.

We put up with visitors parking here most weekends all year round, from April until the end of October. You’re very lucky to be able to park when you come home from work or shopping. Now even the carers who visit my elderly neighbour have to park at Tesco’s and walk down to her to get her meals. How can this be right? People drive past Seagate car park to look for a free parking place, when one car goes, another takes its place. We don’t stand a chance of parking outside our own homes. The road is unkempt along with the former Kit-Kat site and you only have to see the waist-high weeds at the coach park at Southend Road – what a welcome for visitors. From the Green onwards to the cliff area, it’s fantastic. We have the fairground, Sea Life Centre and Oasis. It’s about time the council made an effort this end of town. The money lost in car park fees must run into thousands. You would think that money maybe used to smarten up this end of town.