Letter: S Mackinder November 24, 2017

Reader's letter
Reader's letter
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Once again our resident “fact checker” and serial pedant takes issue with a letter fired from my creaking hip and hauls me (ever so carefully) over the proverbial coals.

I find it gratifying that he detected my utter disdain for our currently fruitless and ineffective democracy and only wish more people adopted my cynicism when it comes to voting for these people.

I have , in the past, apologised profusely for shooting from the hip and can only repeat my promise to continue in the same vein and only wish sometimes that Mr Cox tried this technique. Also, may I express my irritation at his habitual airing of the dry quotes he obviously extracts from reference books? I can’t be the only one who feels his default setting of adopting the utterances of historical figures ultimately tiresome. Let’s just hear what you think, Malcolm, and spare us the regurgitation of snippets conjured up by minds greater than ours. I’m sure you believe these quotes imbue your missives with both gravity and authenticity. Let me tell you, they don’t.

With apologies to Ann Bolton, R Whittington and John Filowiat.