Letter: Steve Mackinder April 17, 2018

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Reluctant as I am to join the throng of miserable ranters banging their respective political drums, I feel compelled to respond to Jo Rust’s indignant response to my letter regarding her efforts to rehome the rough sleepers.

Obviously stung by my noting that her previous letter contained only bitter references to the people she believes are responsible she’s now come up with an actual solution to solve the crisis. And this is it. “Build council houses and provide suitable accommodation and support for them.” Brilliant. This is the kind of clear thinking we’ve been waiting for and Jo has nailed it in one sentence.

I can’t fault her solution and fully support this “in depth and radical” plan to get these people off the streets. I’m hoping that maybe she could flesh it out a bit with some financial costings for this building project and a time line to get us really enthused?

You see Jo, my problem is this, you may have overlooked a teensy complication with your highly palatable solution and that’s the issue of budgets. As things stand we are worse than broke and sourcing the dosh to complete your project may take more than a tetchy letter in the Lynn News. Perhaps it’s time to get your banners out again and see if you can’t extract the funds from the Government with a shouty parade through the town?

Get real Jo, I wish you all the luck in the world but this isn’t going to happen any time soon!