Letter: Steve Mackinder February 9, 2018

Tornado at RAF Marham.
Tornado at RAF Marham.
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Malcolm Cox’s letter about the RAF notes their failure to have the courtesy to respond to his handwritten letter.

I did get a seriously positive response to my complaint about their appalling lack of consideration towards the villagers on Denver who live directly under one of their deafeningly loud flight paths.

The previous camp commander visited me in my back garden on a heavy flying night to see for himself and was genuinely so concerned to see where his pilots actually flew that he called the control tower to advise them to reroute the Tornados away from Denver over empty farmland. “Easy,” he said, “I’m in charge.” It was bliss for a while but I have to note they’re back to their thoughtless lazy ways using the old flightpaths directly over our heads again. If the new chap in charge at RAF Marham wants to be a good neighbour, he can verify my story and then maybe he’ll call me or, even better, call the control tower, again, and then reply to Mr Cox?