Letter: Steve Mackinder January 23, 2018

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The entire nation appears to be up in arms because of the petrifyingly chaotic state of the NHS and rightly so.

Personal family experience of their idea of “care” has left me in no doubt that trying to go private is the only way you can be sure that basic and complex needs will be attended to by people who aren’t both exhausted by a workload and capable of following simple instructions.

Watching them in action left me feeling despondent and worried for my own future if and when I’m in need of medical care.

If money is the problem, and it looks like it’s certainly a huge factor, I’d guess the first thing that needs doing is for someone to draw up a list of priorities.

Is the nation’s health more important that vanity projects like HS2?

Is it more important than having a £4 billion aircraft carrier floating inert in Portsmouth docks?

Is it more important that the billions being spent on RAF Marham and the new aircraft we so eagerly anticipate?

Is it more important that the NDR Norwich ring road?

I think we all know the answer, so why isn’t our Government doing something positive to help us?

Surely we can have some say in this as it is your money they’re playing with. If someone gave you a choice of where to spend the fifth richest nation’s resources today, what would you do?

Also, is it possible to know the names of these medical professionals who are responsible for the £14 million we’ve had to pay out in compensation to the victims of medical malpractice at Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital? Personally I would find it fairly crucial to know whether the medic about to perform some life-changing surgery or intervention had a history of sawing off the wrong leg or whatever?

Where is this list and can we see it – or is it a secret?