Letter: Steve Mackinder January 30

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Ann Bolton expresses her surprise in Friday’s Lynn News at the worrying number of non-voters at the last referendum and feels this was down to a lack of clarity in the various campaigns by the ‘innies’ and the ‘outties’ .

Well this may be true and could have been a factor, but how will we ever be able to know where the real ‘clarity’ lies? Both sides were (and still are) complicit in projecting a series of made-up statistics and downright lies to promote their argument and I can tell you that by the end of their campaigns neither side could look anyone one of us in the eye and say they’d told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Whichever side you voted for it was patently going to be a stab in the dark as none of us could actually verify any ‘fact’ thrown at us.

The real victims of Cameron’s flawed masterplan is every single one of us and democracy itself.

Shortly we’ll be having another general election, I predict, and I’m pretty sure the honest truth will make way for political bias and once again will have to try and interpret the contents of their respective manifestos knowing these documents aren’t actually legally binding and have no value apart from something to wipe your boots on.

To misappropriate Malcolm Cox’s use of the phrase ‘Lions led by donkeys’, I’d say donkeys couldn’t be more insulted! And that’s why we can’t be bothered to vote any more, we simply don’t trust what these ‘public servants’ say any more. Simple as that!