Letter: Steve Mackinder March 23 2018

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Josie Ratcliffe notes the lame attempts by South West Norfolk MP Elizabeth Truss to act as a proper constituency MP and goes on to comment on her apparent cursory interest in this part of the world and it has to be said she’s not alone in this observation.

Ms Truss was parachuted into this ‘safe seat’ a few years ago ago despite the local ‘turnip taliban’ objecting vociferously at the time.

Under the guiding hand of Tory Central Office she’d already been hawked around other constituencies across the country in pursuit of a chance to get a foothold in Parliament and when dozy old Norfolk came up on the election options she jumped at the chance.

Having thrown herself onto visiting WIs and churches and glad-handing local bigwigs she eventually got her wish – a first step on the political ladder in a politically comatose part of the UK. From press articles you can see a trend in her presence in Norfolk is based around ‘weekends on the country’ where it appears she periodically scoots off from her day job in Westminster and has the occasional foray into the countryside on a Friday, just in time for the weekend.

If you suspect that this career politician is simply using us as plank to stand on while she prosecutes her political aspirations in London, I suggest you review your options at the next election.

We don’t have to be patronised like this and we all have a choice, but if we sleepwalk into the polling booth at the next opportunity and do what so many of you always do, we’ll end up with the same result. Up to you voters.