Letter: Steve Mackinder March 30, 2018

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Here we go again, Ms Rust writes long and eloquently about the problem of homelessness in Lynn and, true to political form, managed to blame it all on the Tories.

She may well be right and it’s possible that with Labour in power this scourge will be wiped off the face of Britain and all will be well. I’d suggest her simplistic and typical analysis assumes these people have no other option but to live in this way and that all they want is for someone to give them a warm place to live and no doubt that is true for some but other see it as a lifestyle choice and a route to a tax-free source of income.

As ever, Jo takes the easy path and simply blurts out a list of reasons why these rough sleepers are there and readily points an accusatory finger at all the nasty people who she says are responsible for their plight. And, as ever, she offers not one solution to alleviate the problem, not one! Gesture politics is her ‘default setting’ and although promoting herself through one-night sleepouts and a bit of banner-waving is a nice touch it does nothing to alleviate the problem, and never will. If there were easy solutions Jo, someone would have sorted it by now!