Letter: Stuart Grant March 9, 2018

Launch of new trains at King's Lynn Railway Station
Launch of new trains at King's Lynn Railway Station
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Copy of a letter to Sir Henry Bellingham MP:

When I cast an eye over the early pages in today’s Lynn News, I honestly thought I must have had a Rip Van Winkle moment!

Surely it was not already April 1! But there it is, in black and white, that you are backing the restoration of the rail line between Lynn and Hunstanton. I cannot believe that you are serious in this. Even if the line could be reopened with or without compulsory purchase action in places, who is going to use it? If people from the Midlands, for example, come on holiday, will they take the train all the way, via Ely and change again at King’s Lynn? Or if they drive from Peterborough for the day, will they leave their cars in Lynn? Where?

The other fantasy reported in this paper is the proposal of the Highways department to try to correct the effects of their poor road engineering actions over last two decades by imposing average speed cameras on the A149 between Lynn and Hunstanton. I assume, if they are installed, these will be programmed to switch off in the summer time as they will be little benefit in monitoring the queues which always form then. Please do not think that the train will solve this problem.

And I thought the Government, of which you are part, would use taxpayers’ money carefully and wisely!