Letter; Sue Bruce, January 6, 2015

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A Lynn News article on the proposed development at Lynnsport and Marsh Lane suggests that the proposals are being welcomed by the public. I don’t know if this has come from Alistair Beales or if the Lynn News were at the consultation but I know that many people had major concerns and objections to the proposed development.

The number of dwellings has now risen to 590 with virtually all of these being houses. Given that the majority of these houses will have an average of two cars per household and add this to the cars that will be diverted from Marsh Lane and the traffic using Edward Benefer currently, this road will become totally grid locked at peak times.

The bollards on Marsh Lane are an outrage, the catchment area for schools is Gaywood and many people work on the Hardwick Estate and at the Hospital, people will drive on to Edward Benefer and then cut down South Wootton Lane or any other cut through.

Columbia Way will have a huge increase of traffic to and from the new estate as will other areas of North Lynn especially Reid Way. The council claim the new road will help with pollution, how can that be?

The green areas at Lynnsport have been traditionally called Lynnsport Parks. These areas are tranquil, are full of wildlife and are an absolute treasure that the council should be preserving and protecting. They are used by people from North Lynn, Gaywood, Marsh Lane and surrounding areas and have far more people visiting on a daily basis than The Walks. Where else can people go to walk, jog, spend family times, feed the ducks, picnics, fly kites and spend leisure times away from traffic and busy roads?

The plans will turn the area into a massive urban housing estate like any other housing estate across the country.

It will destroy the identity of this part of Lynn and will be talked about in years to come with regret for what will have been lost in the process.

Mr Beales talks about facilities being created, two tennis courts, two football pitches with Astroturf. How many people will benefit from these compared to the loss of the green spaces for everyone and what will they cost to hire?

If the council believe that people are in support of the plans why are there over 500 signatures on the petition against the development on the council’s website? This will be at least doubled by paper petitions that are circulating. Perhaps the council should look at the Facebook campaign that has been created called ‘Stop Lynnsport Housing and Road Development’ and see what local people really think.

I would urge readers to contact Henry Bellingham and add your name to the opposition to this development.

Sue Bruce,