Letter; Supplied, November 28, 2014

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This is a warning to anyone parking on the station car park, please check your ticket before you put it on your car. We recently parked at the station put our £5.20 in the machine, took out the ticket and put it on the dashboard.

We had a lovely day in London only to be completely spoiled when we got back to find a £50 parking ticket on our car. We had no idea why we had a fine until we checked the ticket and found it was someone else’s visa receipt. We appealed but was unsuccessful as they seemed to think we had deliberately defrauded them. It was a genuine mistake but obviously there is no such thing these days. Also if we wanted to take it further the fine would automatically go up to £85. I just hope the person who subsequently got our £5.20 ticket enjoyed a free park and just a reminder to

anyone who pays by card please take your receipt.

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