Letter: Terry Jermy March 9, 2018

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I was disappointed to read in a recent Lynn News article that Councillor Brian Long, Conservative leader of West Norfolk Council is following in the footsteps of county leader Cliff Jordan in deliberately misleading the public when it comes to the real reasons behind diminishing public services in our county.

The article highlighted that over 10,000 people had now signed a petition calling for the retention of the Coasthopper bus service. Councillor Long is quoted as saying: “Unfortunately, we don’t all live in Norwich where all the subsidy seems to go”.

In fact, of course, bus services in the Norwich area receive very little subsidy from the county council compared to services in the west of the county and indeed other rural parts of Norfolk. ]

I am sure Councillor Long would love to deflect attention rather than address the real reason why bus subsidies and therefore bus services are diminishing which is, of course, significant cuts to the local government funding by the Conservative Government.

Myself and other Labour councillors on the county transport committee voted against the original Conservative budget proposals to reduce public transport subsidies by a further half-a-million pounds and lobbied strongly against this.

These proposals were thankfully dropped but we still need much greater commitment to fund public transport options in Norfolk. I hope Councillor Long will clarify his remarks so as to not deliberately mislead the public further.