Letter; Toby Coke, October 17, 2014

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As we are now at the end of the annual party conference season a common thread in all of them has been the defence of the National Health Service and the paramount importance of the quality of care offered by the NHS.

Unfortunately, for those Norfolk residents who are reliant on the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for their health care, this particular branch of the NHS falls far below satisfactory standards.

The hospital, in the last four years, seems to have remained trapped in a downward spiral. It has already lost some of its specialist provision and residents should continue to be concerned about its future.

Only a few weeks ago, the Care Quality Commission announced the results of its latest inspection. The hospital has once again been placed on special measures for a further sixth months.

West Norfolk residents deserve the best health care available under the NHS.

This is not happening in King’s Lynn.

Four years of Conservative-led Government have failed to provide the standards of health care that West Norfolk residents deserve.

However, local MP, Henry Bellingham continues to try to defend the indefensible. Even before the Care Quality Commission report was announced, Bellingham claimed that the Queen Elizabeth Hospital was improving and would no longer require special measures. He was clearly out of touch with reality.

We can no longer trust the health care of West Norfolk in the hands of the Conservatives and, in particular, with a local MP who clearly has no idea of what is taking place in the most important NHS facility in his constituency.

Richard (Toby) Coke,

UKIP prospective

parliamentary candidate

North West Norfolk