Letter: Vicky Fairweather, November 14, 2014

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Rob Archer’s column on 20mph limits (Two Wheels, October 31) reminds me of an issue I’ve been wanting to raise for quite some time –the downgrading of the 20mph limit on Reffley Lane.

This limit has been in place for many years, extending from the mini roundabout past the school to the community centre, the area where there is likely to be the biggest concentration of pedestrians and children.

Like virtually all other speed limits it has been widely ignored by local drivers, and safety concerns have been raised frequently by residents and the school.

Yet, rather than enforce this limit by installing a speed camera or using police enforcement, the authorities have decided to undermine it further by installing a “20mph when lights show” sign outside the school, which illuminates only at school times, whilst leaving the existing 20 zone signs in place – giving us a temporary 20mph limit within a permanent 20mph limit!

Perhaps the county council could enlighten us as to what they actually intended by erecting this sign?

Is our 20 zone now defunct? Is the county council giving drivers free rein to break the law, apart from during a brief period three times a day? Would a driver caught breaking the law at a time when the lights weren’t flashing now have

justification for ignoring the limit and therefore not be

liable for prosecution?

All it really means is that those of us who obey the law on Reffley Lane, at all times rather than just three times a day, are now treated even more like dirt by the law breakers who believe that speed limits don’t apply to them.

Thanks a bunch, Norfolk County Council.

Vicky Fairweather,

Anne’s Close, Lynn