Letter: W Blundell December 1, 2017

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So we have had the Budget, more like “fudge it”. The whole thing was centred around the Stamp Duty being abolished.

So it takes care of the housing crisis? What garbage. It shows just how out of touch the government is with people who live in the real world. First-time buyers, buying a £300,000 house will save £5,000. Wow, once again, something for the few. How many youngsters can afford to pay £300,oo0 on the pathetic money being paid today? With zero hours, temporary contracts and the living wage, it puts them all out of the game. This obsession with home ownership by this government is not helping the housing crisis. People need affordable homes to rent and I mean affordable. The price of buying a house or renting are leaving wages far behind. Millions have no chance. A pittance for the NHS, emergency services to be cut again and the same applies to councils. Wage stagnation is to carry on, inflation is up, prices are up but living standards are down. This is after seven years of savage cuts and the government is borrowing £175 billion. Homeless people are up by 14 per cent and violent crime the same, yet police numbers are falling.