Letter: W J Blundell September 19, 2017

Views of the Palace of Westminster - the Houses of Parliament.
Views of the Palace of Westminster - the Houses of Parliament.
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Well done, Jo Rust, for an excellent letter, Lynn News, September 1. Because I care about the poor, sick, disabled, vulnerable and the elderly and about our NHS and emergency services, I am labelled a loony leftie, ‘commi’ or a Corbynist. So be it.

Call me what you want, I am proud of my feelings which are so different to the right wing Tories, who believe in greed, being selfish and have money as their god.

They judge people on the size of their house and what’s it worth and the size of your bank balance and position held. As Jo states, we are the fourth or fifth richest country in the world. Ten pound an hour should be a minimum wage but for decades the bosses have given a pittance to the workers while racking in massive profits. Of course they don’t want change.

There is no money for NHS or our emergency services which are at breaking point but can find the odd billion to bribe the DUP for their votes, £40,000 for a new bathroom for Jeremy Hunt, £130 million on a general election and now £55 billion on a farce vanity project called the HS2. It will bring devastation and inconvenience to many thousands of people for many years. It will be interesting to see who the big earners are. I shall carry on caring about people and things that matter that are important for everyone, not just the few. Call me what you like. I am proud of how I think.