Letter: William Cox December 22, 2017

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I would like to comment on your front page article (December 8) regarding Mr Paul Smith.

His concerns over safety on sheltered schemes is one of great concern, and yes he is completely accurate in his report. On the other hand Robert Clarke (Freebridge director of housing) is not quite so correct, he states in your report that: “We have made positive progress by working with our tenants in sheltered schemes.” This, I’m afraid, is incorrect. Mr Clark arranged meetings that I and Mr Smith attended, but we were told that decisions had already been taken and made, and that tenants basically had no input into their (Freebridge) decisions. Please remember that Freebridge may employ scheme advisors, but it is the sheltered scheme tenants who solely fund this staff.

We were not asked if we would be prepared to “top up” this amount to employ any additional part time advisors. I feel that Freebridge have not taken this issue seriously enough in keeping their sheltered scheme tenants abreast of all the issues until their decision was final.