Letter: WJ Blundell, january 6, 2015

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There were two excellent letters in the Lynn News (December 23) from Jo Rust and Julie Coulter. Jo Rust wrote on firefighters’ pensions.

It is obvious a man of 60 cannot retain the fitness of someone of 20, so firefighters will be laid off as unfit. This will, of course, affect the pension. The Government knows this. That’s why they are doing it.

As Jo Rust stated, it is all very well Henry Bellingham praising these heroes but then when it comes to the vote, voting against them. All the Tory Norfolk MPs voted with the party. Even if they disagree. I find this gutless. They don’t want to make waves as they have nice comfortable well paid jobs. Mr Cameron does the same. He praises our Armed Forces, they get back from Afghanistan and he sacks 10,000 regulars.

Julie Coulter’s letter on Elizabeth Truss notes that the MP says she can live on £170 a week. it is stupid to make such a claim. It just shows how out of touch the Tories are with the people. The Government is supposed to represent all the people.

WJ Blundell,

Cypress Place, Hunstanton