Letter: WJ Blundell, November 28, 2014

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I cannot believe David Summerby can say that he and his family and friends were true Socialists. Now they vote Tory. Two parties opposite in their values.

There are many things wrong with Labour. But the Tories, which has been proved in the last four years, have no time for the poor, vulnerable, sick or disabled and elderly. At the same time the rich and wealthy have doubled their money.

One of the Tories’ first acts was to shut the Remploy factories that gave work to thousands of disabled people. Only five per cent have found work.

The bedroom tax that has caused misery to families, mainly children, the NHS is on its knees, morale at an all-time low, welfare reforms and defence policies in tatters. Thousands have not had a pay rise in four years. Millions of workers are in low paid dead-end jobs and zero hours. There have been massive cutbacks. The Tories austerity measures are not working, borrowing more than when they took office in 2010. Immigration is also higher.

We have food banks. What next? Workhouses and back to Victorian times in another five years of Tories.

Remember, there was a global recession caused mainly by casino bankers, the Tories’ friends in the City.

When Gordon Brown bailed out the bankers he had the full backing of all parties in Parliament. The Tories seem to have forgotten that.

Now Royal Mail has been given away (not sold). The NHS is all we have left. The Tories have sold all our assets. Soon the NHS will be privatised.

Mr Summerby, you must agree with all this and more to come if the Tories get five more years. And you say you were a Socialist. Never

WJ Blundell,

Cypress Place, Hunstanton