Letter: WJ Blundell, October 13, 2015

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What a disgrace for 1,700 workers to lose their jobs at Redcar steel works.

The figure could be nearer 5,000 with all the other concerns which rely on the business. The Chinese have flooded us with cheap, inferior steel. How can we compete? Our carbon taxes are the highest in the world. And why is our Chancellor in China with the begging bowl? I thought the Government was opposed to communism and nationalisation and believed in democracy. Yet it is doing business with a country with human rights issues. Before the General Election, Cameron said there would be no change to tax credits, but weeks later he said tax credit cuts would go ahead even though many Tory MPs asked him to rethink. People need the tax credits to top up their wages.

W J Blundell

Cypress Place, Hunstanton