Letter: WJ Blundell Sept 12, 2017

Launch of new trains at King's Lynn Railway Station
Launch of new trains at King's Lynn Railway Station
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I could not belive a letter in the Lynn News, August 29, from Brian Baylis. He was having a go at commuters for moaning about rail fare increases.

Has Mr Baylis never heard of the housing crisis? He said people should work nearer to home. If only. This is 2017, doesn’t he understand people would love to work nearer home. They have no choice but to move out, it’s the only way they can find a home they can hopefully afford to buy or even rent. House prices are going through the roof, private renting is very high and as regards social housing, there’s no chance as 70 per cent of homes being built today are private or way out of the reach of local people. They have to move out and then use the train. A season ticket today is like a second mortgage. Then they are held to ransom by the train companies with their rises. Perhaps if places like Norfolk stop the sale of second holiday homes, which is sending the price of property up which local people cannot afford, youngsters may have a chance. Mr Baylis says if people work in Cambridge or London, they earn high money so they can afford the fare increases. What nonsense. I worked and lived in London all my life until five years ago. Just because you work in London or in a bank it doesn’t mean you earn mega bucks. I’m not saying you don’t get better money, you do, but with the fares and London being so expensive, it takes a lot out of your wage packet. I worked in a bank in the City. Office staff get a decent wage, but when you hear of all these massive salaries of bank workers, it is not the general workers, but the dealers who earn the mega bucks. I was born in London and all my working life I could walk to work. I was very lucky. Youngsters don’t have that privilege today.