Letter: Yvonne Bridge, November 28, 2014

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Further to Roger May’s Artful Codger column “Cheers for Coasthopper”, I feel compelled to point out to you that there are many, many villages in Norfolk in this 21st century with no public transport whatsoever.

In these villages, live thousands of people, who, for one reason or another, do not or cannot drive a car.

Without a car and without public transport, how can these thousands of people get on with their lives?

You mention that Heacham village has ‘lagged a bit in transport links’.

Heacham village is not unique in this respect. Heacham residents are fortunate enough however to have access to more than one Norfolk Green service routes.

Living in South Wootton, you yourself have the luxury of choice of which bus service to use to travel into King’s Lynn, Hunstanton or beyond.

Those thousands of people in Norfolk villages currently without any public transport provision have no such luxury and no such choice – day in and day out.

Yes, we choose where to live – whether within a town or village – but why should those of us who opt for village life have uneven, unmatched access to public transport service compared to those who live in places such as Heacham? Finally, in the last paragraph of your article, you mention prospects for further new services to come. I would be grateful if you could share further information on this.

Yvonne Bridge,

Great Massingham